BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer, 21 Vacancy

Post Name Project Engineer
Vacancy 21
Job Type: Contract
Location: Bengaluru
Qualification: BE/Btech
Last Application Date: 17 August 2020
Application Mode: Offline

Those candidates who are Only Interested and educationally and another requirement qualification has been fulfilled. This Candidate must apply through the Application details given below, Before applying please verify. the job details from the official website and job notification details are given below For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

How To Apply for BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

Applications are invited from qualified Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Graduates to undergo Training as “Accountant” under National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) through National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) for

a period of One Year (Extendable upto 3 Years based on candidate’s performance & approval from NAPS) at BHARAT ELECTRONICS LIMITED, BENGALURU. BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

Important Dates

Application Start DateApplication End Date
31 July 202017 August 2020

All The Details About How To Apply, Qualifications, Vacancies Details explain in details in below please read carefully before apply for BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

Important Links

Note* Please before apply please check the notification for confirmation and visit the official website for more information for BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ffा₹त \लक्ट्रEनVक्ट्P नलनP‘/`     BHARAT ELECTRONICS LIMITED

(क्ष Pत्राल4 §`  ffPtV ffा₹त P₹§ा₹ §ा ]§ द्यP)/ (A Govt. of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Defence)

Bharat Electronics Limited, a Navratna  Company  and  India’s  premier  Professional Electronics Company seeks applications for its SATCOM & CELLULAR COMMUNICATION SBU, Ghaziabad, from promising and energetic engineers initially for a period of Two years (Tenure may be extended up to maximum Four years (including initial period) subject to project requirement) for the posts listed below. Candidates selected for the post may be required to Stay/Visit/ Posted at various project sites throughout the country as per project requirements. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

P₹/ Postन§द्या/DisciplineP₹ों §ी P˙ख्4ा/No. of Post4Pग्4ता/ Qualification31.07.2020 §P PाPान्4 /5र्थि§ नP§Ş` ffभ्4िी §` नल] P₹t 54¸/ Upper age limit as on 31.07.2020 for GEN/EWS candidates31.07.2020 §P 4Pग्4ताP₹ा˙त ffV¸ff§/ Minimum Post qualification experience as on 31.07.20205₹क्षर्
  Pर₹4PNVा ffनff4˙ता-I/ Project Engineer-\Pt\/ECE08P˙Bनन्Pत न§B4 Pें Bt\, Bt. ‘`§, Bt.]PPt. \˙नNनV4र₹V (4 §Bी4)/ BE, B.Tech, B.Sc        28 §Bा/years  न्4¸VतP 2 §Bा §ा P˙Bनन्Pत Łद्यPनV§ §ा4ा ffV¸ff§/ Min. 2 Years    10 ffVा₹नक्षत, 5 kBtPt, 3 ]PPt, 1
§˙ प्4¸‘₹ न§ज्ञाV/ Computer Science13
I  Engineering (4 of relevant]P‘t, & 2
   years) in the industrial work5र्थि§ नP§Şा
   relevant experience 

5 / AGE:

kBtPt ffभ्4र्थि4ों §` नल] : P₹Pि नल्लनBत P₹t 54¸ PtPा Pें ffनतर₹ि 03 §Bा

OBC candidates: 03 years in addition to the upper age limit mentioned above

]PPt/]P‘t ffभ्4र्थि4ों §` नल]: P₹Pि नल्लनBत P₹t 54¸ PtPा Pें ffनतर₹ि 05 §Bा

SC / ST candidates : 05 years in addition to the upper age limit mentioned above

PtBल्4¸t (ªा₹tर₹§ ffक्षP) ffभ्4र्थि4ों §` नल] : P₹Pि नल्लनBत P₹t 54¸ PtPा Pें ffनतर₹ि 10  §Bा

PWD candidates : 10 years in addition to the upper age limit mentioned above For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ª   ` क्ष§ 4Pग्4ता/ QUALIFICATION :

]5\Pt‘t\   ffV¸PPद₹त  §Eल`N/P˙स्िाV  4ा Pान्4ता  प्राप्त  न§श्वन§द्याल4  P`  Bt\/Bt‘`§/Bt  ]PPt  \˙नNनV4र₹V

§ी नग्रt

Full Time B.E. / B.Tech /B.Sc Engineering from AICTE approved College/Institute or a recognized University.

PाPान्4/ kBtPt §Vा §` नल] ffभ्4र्थि4ों §` नल] ₹ªाा4t 4Pग्4ता Pें प्रिP श्र`र्t।   ]PPt / ]P‘t / PtBल्4¸t ffभ्4र्थि4ों §` नल] §` §ल त्तtर्ा।

First class in the indicated qualification for General/OBC candidates. Pass class for

SC/ST/PWD candidates. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer



ffभ्4िी नNन्\ोंV` Bt\/Bt‘`§ /Bt ]PPt \˙NtनV4र₹V §ी नग्रt \ानPल §ी \` , §  `§ नVम्न श्र`र्t §`

\t Pात्र \-ैं

The candidates who have acquired BE/B.Tech/ B.Sc Engineering degree, the following discipline ONLY are eligible

\  `क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P/ Electronics:

  1. \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P / Electronics
  2. \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P § §म्4¸नV§` ªV / Electronics & Communication
  3. §म्4¸नV§` ªV / Communication
  4. \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P § ‘`लt§म्4¸नV§` ªV / Electronics & Telecommunication
  5. ‘`लt§म्4¸नV§` ªV  / Telecommunication

§  ˙ प्4‘¸  ₹ न§ज्ञाV/ Computer Science:

  1. §˙ प्4¸‘₹ न§ज्ञाV/ Computer Science
    1. §˙ प्4¸‘₹ न§ज्ञाV § \˙NtनV4र₹V/ Computer Science & Engineering
    1. §˙ प्4¸‘₹ न§ज्ञाV \˙NtनV4र₹V/ Computer Science Engineering

ffभ्4िी  नNV§ी  नग्रt  प्रPार्Pत्र  Pें  नल्लनBत  श्र`र्t/न§ª`Bज्ञता,  P₹Pि  ff˙द§त  श्र`र्t/न§ª`Bज्ञता  P`  P`ल  V\ीं Bातt  \`, न्\ें 5§`₹V V §₹ें।

Candidates whose discipline/specialization mentioned in their degree certificate does not tally with the above mentioned discipline/specialization need not apply. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer


P4PNV ffff4ता-I : ₹. 35,000-/प्रनत Pा\ PP`द§त Pार₹श्रनP§ §ा ff¸VताV द§4ा Nा]Vा, \P§`  ffनतर₹ि,

₹. 10,000/- प्रनत §Bा §ा PP`द§त PV ₹ानª न§द§त्Pा BtPा प्रtनP4P, §PŞा ffत्ता, नPला\ प्रffा₹, N¸ता ffत्ता 5द₹ B§े §` नल] ff¸VताV द§4ा Nा]Vा। 4\ ffनतर₹ि PV₹ानª 2 द§श्तों ffिाात प्रिP द§श्त §ा4ाffा₹ ग्र\र् §`

P₹ा˙त  प्रिP Pा\ §` §`तV Pें ₹t Nा]Vt Ł₹ नितt4 द§श्त §ा4ाffा₹ ग्र\र् §` P₹ा˙त 6 P\tV` P¸र्ा \PV` P₹ द₹4`


Project Engineer-I : Consolidated remuneration of Rs. 35,000/- per month will be paid, in addition to the same, a consolidated amount of Rs. 10,000/- per year will be paid towards expenses like medical insurance premium, attire allowance, stitching charges, footwear allowance etc. The additional amount shall be paid in two installments i.e., First installment will be processed in the first month’s salary after joining and  the  second  installment will be paid after completion of 6 months from the date of joining. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ff Vff¸ §:/ EXPERIENCE:

8 P˙ख्4ा §` Pर₹4PNVा ffनff4˙ताओं (\Pt\) §P प्रPा₹र् द्यPV, V`‘§र्क§V PP`V §ी  NाV§ा₹t §` Pाि  ‘`ल§EP

द्यPV, P`‘`ला\‘ §म्न्4¸§` ªV Ł₹ ₹`न4P दिक्व` न्Pt नPस्‘P Pें 2 §Bा §ा ª`नक्षर्`त्त₹ ffV¸ff§ \PVा §ान\]। ffभ्4िी नNV§`  PाP ffनतर₹ि प्रPार्t§₹र् N`P` PtPt]V]/PtPt]VPt/नलVक्ट्P/Pा\क्रPPEफ़्‘ प्रPार्t§₹र् 5द₹ \`, न्\ें प्रािनP§ता ₹t Nा]Vt।

8 No.s of Project Engineers-I (ECE) are required with minimum 2 years of post- qualification experience in broadcasting industries, Telecom industries having domain knowledge of networking, satellite communication and radio frequency systems. Preference will be given to the candidates having additional certification like CCNA/CCNP/Linux/Microsoft Certification etc. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

13 P˙ख्4ा §` Pर₹4PNVा ffनff4˙ताओं (§˙ प्4¸‘₹ न§ज्ञाV) §P ‘`ल§EP ा‘ा §ें द्र Ł₹ ा‘ा §ें द्र §ास्त¸§ला §ी PP`V NाV§ा₹t P¸§Vा प्रर्ालt ल`B, ा‘ाB`P ]नप्ल§` ªV P§ाPा, §लP‘र₹V, क्ट्ला §म्प्4¸र‘V 5द₹। ffभ्4िी नNV§` PाP  ffनतर₹ि  प्रPार्t§₹र्  5द₹  N`P`  PtPt]V]/PtPt]VPt/नलVक्ट्P/Pा\क्रPPEफ़्‘  प्रPार्t§₹र्  5द₹  \`,  न्\ें प्रािनP§ता ₹t Nा]Vt।

13 No.s of Project Engineers-I (Computer Science) are required with minimum 2 years of post-qualification experience in Telecom Data Centres and Information system Labs having domain knowledge of Data Centres architecture, Database application servers, clustering, cloud computing etc. Preference will be given to the candidates having additional certification like CCNA/CCNP/Linux/Microsoft Certification etc.

§   4ा न§§₹र्/ JOB DESCRIPTION:

Pर₹4PNVा  ffनff4˙ताओं  §`  नVम्न  §ताव्य  Ł₹  त्त₹₹ान4त्§  \ोंV`/  Following  will  be  the  duties  and responsibilities of the Project Engineers-I:-

1.   ‘`लt§EP ा‘ा Pें‘Pा §ा P§ालV § ffV¸₹क्षर् ।

Operation and Maintenance of Telecom Data Centres. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

2.   B`P  Bैं,  V`‘§र्क§V  न§ा\P`P  §  5₹]ª  §Pम्PPVेंट्P  Pन\त              P`‘`ला\‘  §P¸नV§`ªV                                                                          §ा  P˙§ालV  § ffV¸₹क्षर्।

Operation and Maintenance of Satellite communication HUBs including Baseband,

Networking devices & RF components.

3.   §t P`‘ § ा‘ा Pें‘Pा Pा\‘ों §ी स्िाPVा Ł₹ P˙§ालV Ł₹ Pा\‘ों P₹ न§नffन्न Vनतन§नP4ों §ा P4ा§`क्षर् ।

Installation & Commissioning of VSAT & Data centre sites and supervision of various activities at sites.

4.   Pा\‘ों P₹ ग्रा\§ों Ł₹ न§क्र` ताओं §ा PPन्§4/ P˙P§ा  §ा4ा

Co-ordination / Liasoning with Customer & vendors at sites


PाP₹˙   1/ Criterion 1 Bt\,  Bt  ‘`§.,  Bt.]PPt.  \˙NtनV4र₹V  Pें  प्राप्त  ff˙§ों §ी प्रनतªतता – PtNtPt]* स्§P₹  ff˙§ों §ी प्रनतªतता Pें Pर₹§र्थतत §ी Nा]Vt ।  *% Pर₹§ताV P¸त्र P˙Bनन्Pत न§श्वन§द्याल4 §` नल] P˙लग्न  \PVा। Percentage of marks obtained in BE, B.Tech, B.Sc Engineering  –   CGPA*  score  will be75% 4ा 75 ff˙§ /75% or 75 Marks
converted to percentage of marks *% conversion formula shall be attached for respective University. 
PाP₹˙   – 2/ Criterion 2 §ा4ा ffV¸ff§ ffभ्4िी NP P˙Bनन्Pत §ा4ा ffV¸ff§ §ी 5Pा₹ff¸त  4Pग्4ता  PाP₹˙    P¸₹t  §₹ता  \P,  P`  2.5 ff˙§ द₹4` Nा]V˙  `। प्रत्4`§ 6 P\tV` §` ffनतर₹ि P˙Bनन्Pत §ा4ा ffV¸ff§ §` नल]  1.25  ff˙§  ff˙§  द₹4`  Nा]V˙  `।  \P  PाP₹˙     Pें ffनP§तP ff˙§ों §ी PtPा 10 ff˙§ \PVt। Work Experience – Candidates meeting basic eligibility criteria of relevant work experience will be awarded 2.5 Marks. For every completed 6 months of additional relevant work experience, 1.25 marks will be awarded. The maximum marks in this criterion are limited to 10 marks. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer10 ff˙§/10 Marks
Pाक्षात्§ा₹ (§ttk 5Pार₹त) Interview (Video-based)15 ff˙§/Marks
§¸ ल Total100 ff˙§/Marks

5    §`₹V ªल्¸  §/ Application fee:

PाPान्4 तिा ffन्4 नP§Şा §Vा P` P˙B˙नPत ffभ्4र्थि4ों §P ffप्रनत₹4

5§`₹V ª¸ल्§ §` 7P Pें 500/- ₹ §ी ₹ानª

NPा §ी NाVt \ैं ।          ffV¸P¸न§त Nानत/ NVNानत/ द₹व्याङ्V   ffभ्4र्थि4ों §P 5§`₹V ª¸ल्§ §` ff¸VताV \त V4t  \।`

¸ §¸ ‘ ₹t

Candidates belonging to GEN/OBC category are required to remit an amount of Rs: 500/- towards non refundable application fee. SC/ST/PWD/EWS candidates are exempted from payment of application fee. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer


V §`  नल] नV₹ª


1. P₹ Nा4ें Ł₹ स्‘`‘ Bैं§ §ल`क्ट्‘ §¸V` ।

Go to and select:- State Bank Collect.

2.      नV4P § ªते स्§t§ा₹ §₹ें Ł₹ प्रPPt P₹ नक्ट्ल§ §₹ें ।

Accept terms and conditions and click on proceed.

3.      §ा₹PP₹`ªV / P˙स्िा §` ₹ाज्4 §P §¸V: Nल \न4ा˙

Select state of Corporation/institution:- All India.

4.      §ा₹PP₹`ªV / P˙स्िा §` प्र§ा₹  §P §¸Vें:Pt]P4¸- Pनलल§ P`क्ट्‘₹ ff˙₹ ‘`क§V Ł₹ ₹Bा]* =>VP

Select   type   of    Corporation/Institute:-     PSU-     Public    Sector   Undertaking                   and press=>Go.

5.      Pt]P4¸ §P §¸V-

Pनलल§ Pक्ट्

‘₹ ff˙₹ ‘`क§V: ffा₹त \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P नलनP‘` Ł₹ PBनP‘ §₹ें ।

Select PSU – Public Sector Undertaking:-Bharat Electronics Limited and press Submit.

6.      ff¸VताV §ा प्र§ा₹ §¸V` -: प्रPN`क्ट्‘  \˙NtनV4₹-I–VानN4ाBा₹ 4¸नV‘ ।

Select payment category:- Project Engineer-I _ GHAZIABAD UNIT. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

7.      P₹Pक्ट्त Bता4` ffV¸Pा₹ ff¸VताV P¸र्ा §₹` ।

Complete the payment as explained above.

8.      ff¸VताV ₹Pt₹ §ा प्रप्र‘ ल` Ł₹ 5§`₹V ÆाPा §` Pाि P˙लग्V §₹ें ।

Take a print of the payment receipt and attach it with the application from.


i)          §` §ल ffा₹तt4 VाVर₹§ 5§`₹V §₹ें ।

Only Indian National need to apply.

ii)        ffVP ् त Pत्र’  P₹§ा₹t ffPाP₹§ा₹t/तिा Pा§ाNनV§ Pक्रPों Pें नV4¸ि म्Pt₹§ा₹ों §P Pाक्षात्§ा₹ §` PP4 ffVाPनत्त Pत्र  प्रस्त¸त  §₹Vा \`, नNP§`  नBVा न्\ें Pाक्षात्§ा₹  Pें प्रस्त¸त  \PV` §ी ffV¸Pनत  V\ीं ₹t Nा4`Vt।

NOC: Candidates employed in Govt./Quasi-Govt. and public Sector Undertaking will be

required to produce ‘No Objection Certificate’ at the time of interview, without which they will not be allowed to appear for the interview. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

iii)       P4¸ि  P₹ों  §`  नल]  5§`₹V  §₹V`  §ाल`  PाPान्4  तिा  ffन्4  नP§Ş`  §Vा  §`  ffभ्4र्थि4ों  §P  ffप्रनत₹4` 5§`₹V  ª¸ल्§ ₹. 500/- NPा §₹Vा \।`

GEN/OBC candidates applying for the above posts are required to submit an online non refundable application fee of Rs. 500/-

iv)        §4नVत  ffभ्4िी  §ी  नV4¸नि  §˙PVt  §`  न§द§त्Pा  प्रानP§₹र्  िा₹ा  न§द§त्P§ी4  7P  P`  6t§   \PV`  P₹

\PVt ।

Appointment of the selected candidates will be subject to being found medically fit by

the Company’s Medical Authorities.

v)         ffभ्4िी §` द§Pt fft §₹र् P₹ §4नVत V  \PV` §ी नस्िनत Pें ffलV P` §P\  P¸§Vा V\ीं ₹t Nा]Vt । There will be no separate communication to any candidates on their non-selection at any stage.

vi)        ffभ्4िी, नNV§`  नग्रt, प्रPार् Pत्र 5§`₹V\ैं Bात` V\ीं P`ल Pाि §` Pाक्षात्§ा₹ V\ीं नल4ा Nा4`Vा ।

ªाBा नल्लनBत Pें न§ज्ञाPV/, V§ा

Candidates whose Degree Certificate does not tally with the branch mentioned in

the application / advertisement will not be considered for interview

vii)       4द₹  5P§ी  ffभ्4र्थिता  द§Pt  fft  §ा₹र्  P`  P4¸ि  V\ीं  \`,  तP  Bt\]ल  5P§P  नलनBत  P₹tक्षा  /

\` ₹Bता P₹ For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

नक्षत ffनP§ा₹

§ा §₹V` Bार₹N Pें §₹र् fft द§Pt §`

\t§ा4ा§ा /Pाक्षात्§ा₹

BEL reserves the right to debar you at any stage of the written test / interview proceedings, if your candidature is not considered suitable for any reason

viii)      4द₹ द§Pt fft §ा₹र् P` ffभ्4िी Pाक्षात्§ा₹ §` द₹V ffPVt \˙NtनV4र₹V नग्रt, ff˙§ Pत्र Ł₹ प्रPार् Pत्र

§ा P¸ल 7P प्रस्त¸त §₹V` Pें ffPPिा ₹\त` \ैं   तP   V P₹ न§§ा₹ V\ीं द§4ा Nा4`Vा । द§Pt fft 7P Pें प्र§ा₹ §ा Pर₹र्ाP ff4Pग्4ता \PVा  ।

Candidates who are unable to produce their Engineering Degree, Marks Card and Certificate in original on the day of interview for whatever reason will not be considered. Canvassing in any from will result in disqualification. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ix)        §4V प्रदक्र4ा §` Pfft §₹र्ों Pें प्र§`ª P¸₹t त₹\ ffV˙नतP  \PVा । ffभ्4िी §P प्र§`ª Pत्र §Eल ₹Pाक्षात्§ा/ Pत्र Nा₹t §₹V` §ा PतलB 4\ V\ीं \PVा द§ V§ी ffभ्4र्थिता §P Bt\]ल िा₹ा P˙N¸₹t ₹` ₹t V\ \` । The admission at all stages of the selection process will be purely provisional. Mere issue of admit card/interview call letter to the candidate will not imply that his/her candidature has been cleared by BEL.

5 §`₹V §` P` §₹ें/ HOW TO APPLY:

ffभ्4िी NP P4¸ि Pात्रता PाV₹ों §P P¸₹ा §₹त` \ैं §` §`BPा\‘ P` 5§`₹V Pत्र VलP

§₹ P§त` \ैं Ł₹ \P` नVम्ननलनBत ₹स्ता§`Nों §ी ÆP‘P §EPt §` Pाि ff`Nें  :

Candidates who meet the above eligibility criteria may download the application form from the website and send it along with the photocopies of the following documents:

1.   \PPें द₹4ा हु5 5§`₹V प्रा7P §ी ff₹t V4t §EPt ।

Filled in application form enclosed herein.

2.   54¸ प्रPार् Pत्र §` नल] ]P]P]लPt ff˙§ Pत्र ।

SSLC Marks Card as proof of age.

3.   स्नात§  ff˙§  Pत्र  तिा  ff˙नतP नग्रt  प्रPार्  Pत्र  ।   4द₹  ff˙नतP  नग्रt  प्रPार्Pत्र  प्रतtनक्षत  \` तP  ffन्ननतP नग्रt प्रPार्Pत्र P˙लग्न §₹ें। ffभ्4िी नNन्\PV` Bt\, Bt ‘`§., Bt.]PPt. \˙NtनV4र₹V नग्रt P¸₹t V\ीं §ी For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

\`, §` 5§`₹V V §₹ें।

Graduation Marks Card and final degree certificate. If final degree certificate is awaited then enclose Provisional degree certificate. Candidates who have not completed BE, B.Tech, B.Sc Engineering need not apply.

4.   P˙Bनन्Pत ffV¸ff§ प्रPार् Pत्र ।

Relevant Experience certificate/s.

5.   kBtPt / ]PPt/]P‘t/ 5र्थि§   नP§Şा §Vा प्रPार्Pत्र   (kBtPt प्रPार्Pत्र 01.08.2019 §P/ §` Bा₹ Nा₹t द§4ा V4ा)

OBC/SC/ST/EWS/PWD Category Certificate (OBC Caste certificate issued on or For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

after 01.08.2019.)

6.   5§`₹V ª¸ल्§ ff¸VताV ₹Pt₹ §ी प्रनत ।

Copy of Application Fee Payment Receipt

5§`₹V §₹V` §` \च्§¸ § ffभ्4िी ffPV` 5§`₹V नVPाार₹त प्रा7P Pें Pात्रता P˙B˙नPत ff\ता ₹स्ता§`Nों §ी प्रनत4ों

तिा 5§`₹V ª¸ल्§ ff¸VताV §ी Pन\त ₹Pt₹/ NVाल P˙. §` Pाि        §ालाV, ]§ PtलB˙₹ नलÆाÆ`  Pें नNP §` §§₹

P₹  स्Pष्ट  नलBा  \P  Pर₹4PNVा  ffनff4˙ता                §`  P₹  \त¸  5§`₹V”’  तिा  P  P\ाप्रB˙P§  (P˙PाPV  PाV§),

ffा₹त \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P नलनP‘`, Pान\BाBा₹ (॰प्र॰) 201010 Łद्यPनV§ क्ष`त्र §P ा§ 4ा §Pर₹4₹ §` िा₹ा ff`N P§त` \।ैं

Candidates willing to apply should submit their application in the prescribed format along

with the copies of the relevant documents in support of eligibility and the Application fee payment receipt/Challan with the Journal Number, in a sealed cover super scribing “Application for the post of Project Engineer–    and addressed to Dy. General Manager (HR), Bharat Electronics Limited, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad – 201010 by post/courier. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

P¸र्ा  5§`₹V प्राप्त §₹V` §ी ff˙नतP नतनि 17.08.2020  \` ।

The last date of receiving completed applications is 17.08.2020.

Ł₹ \P§`  Pाि \t / ALSO For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

Pfft ffभ्4िी4ों §P   ffPVा   न§§₹र् ]क्ट्P`ल ªt‘ §` नVम्न प्रा7P Pें P₹   ff`NVा \PVा ।

(\ -P`ल्P §ा न§B4 P4PNV ffff4त

ा – §` P₹ \त

¸  5

§`₹V”’ \PVा §ान\]।

          नाP/ Name        पिffा का नाP / Fathers Name  Nन्Pद₹न (डtडt – एPएP – वा\वा\वा\ वा\/ Date of Birth (dd- mm-yyyy)    लिंग (ि¸रुB /Pप\िंा) Gender (Male/Fe male)वगग (PाPान्4 /ओBtPt /एPPt/एPटt /िtडBल्4¸डt /\िtएP) Category (Gen/OBC/ SC/ST/PW D/EWS)        \- Pेिं/ E- mail      PोBा\ िं नं./ Mobil e no.      ित्रा§ा₹ का िffा/ Corresp ondenc e    addressक¸ िं वBों का ffन¸ffव (31.07.2 020 को ) / Total Years of Experien ce (as on 31.07.20 20)    वffगPान् Pंस्Vान का नाP/ Current organisat ion Name  वffगPान् Pंस्Vान Pें (dd-mm- yyyy Pे )/ Current organisat ion From (dd-mm- yyyy)वffगPान् Pंस्Vान Pें (dd-mm- yyyy ffक)/ Current Organisa tion To (dd-mm- yyyy)    पि§िंे Pंस्Vान का नाP / Previous organisat ion Name  पि§िंे Pंस्Vान Pें (dd-mm- yyyyPे )/ Previous organisation From (dd- mm-yyyy)  पि§िंे Pंस्Vान Pें (dd-mm- yyyy ffक )/ Previous Organisati on To (dd- mm-yyyy)  पिपिक ff\ffग  ा (श्रेÆt के PाV Bt\ /Bt टेक /एएP5\\)/ Qualification (BE/B.Tech/AM IE) with Discipline        प्राप्त पडवtNन/ Division Secured        एPBt5\ Pं₹ffग Pं/ SBI Reference No..

All the candidates have to send their details in an excel sheet also in the following format to (The subject of the e-mail should be – Application for the post of Project Engineer-I ( Discipline ) For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

4द₹ 5PV` ₹P P˙स्िाVों P` ffनP§ Pें §ा4ा द§4ा \` तP न्\ें §EलP P˙. 15 §` Bा₹ NPŞ। द₹4` प्रा7P §ा PालV  §₹ें।.

§˛ P4ा \P§`  नल] P₹Pि

If you have worked in more than two organizations’ then please add those after column no. 15.Please adhere to the format given above. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

“Pfft ffभ्4र्थि4ों §P \ाा §EPt Ł₹ ]क्ट्P`ल ªt‘, PVों ff₹ §₹ ff`NVt \।`


ffभ्4िी िा₹ा ff¸VताV ₹Pt₹ §ी ]§ प्रनत ffन§ष्4 §` P˙₹ffा \त¸ P˙ffाल§₹ ₹Bt Nा4।

One copy of payment receipt may be retained by the candidate for future reference. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

P¸र्ा   5§`₹V प्राप्त §₹V` §ी ff˙नतP नतनि 17.08.2020   \` । 4द₹ 5§`₹V §ी \ाा §EPt ffन˙ तP नतनि त§ प्राप्त

V\ीं हु4t P 5P§ी म्Pt₹§ा₹t P₹ (ffभ्4िी िा₹ा ]क्ट्Pल

ªt ffN

t NV` P₹ fft) न§§ा₹ V\ीं द§4ा Nा]Vा।

The last date for receipt of completed application is 17.08.2020. If hard copy of the application is not received by the last date then your candidature will not be considered (even if the candidate has sent the excel sheet). For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

5§`₹V ª¸7 §₹V` §ी नतनि/ Start of applications22.07.2020
ÆीP NPा §₹V` §ी ff˙नतP नतनि / Last date of application fee payment17.08.2020
5§`₹V Pत्र §ी \ाा §EPt प्राप्त §₹V` §ी  ff˙नतP नतनि/ Last date of receipt of hard copy of applications  17.08.2020
Pाक्षात्§ा₹/ Interview (§ttk 5Pार₹त Video- based)Bा₹ Pें P¸न§त द§4ा Nा]Vा/ To be intimated later

]P` 5§`₹V NP नVPाार₹त प्रPत्र Pें ffP¸₹`, ffस्Pष्ट, नBVा PPस्त P˙लग्न§ों §` 4ा नV4त नतनि §` Bा₹ प्राप्त \ोंV`  Ł₹

P₹Pि  PाV₹

P¸र्ा   V\ीं  Pा4`  Nात`  \,ैं

]P`  5§`₹Vों  §P  नBVा  §ा₹र्  Bता]  नV₹स्त  §₹  द₹4ा  Nा]Vा  ।  \P

P˙B˙P Pें §P\ Pत्रा§ा₹ स्§t§ा4ा V\ीं \PVा । 4द₹ ffभ्4िी  नVPाार₹त Pात्रता PाV₹ों §P P¸₹ा V\ीं §₹त` तP न्\

§4V  §ी  प्रदक्र4ा  Pें  द§Pt  fft  स्त₹  P₹  ₹P§ा  Nा  P§ता  \`  ।  §` §ल  ल4¸P¸§t/नलनBत  P₹tक्षा  §  Pाक्षात्§ा₹  Pें For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

Pनस्िनत   \t  न्\ें  P₹  §`  नल]  ₹ा§`₹ा₹  V\ीं  BVातt  ।  द§Pt  fft  स्त₹  P₹  द§Pt  fft  प्र§ा₹  §ी  नPÆार₹ª  §ा Pर₹र्ाP ff4Pग्4ता \PVा । §` §ल ffा₹तt4 VाVर₹§ \t 5§`₹V §`  Pात्र \ैं । 4\ ध्4ाV ₹\` §ी P₹Pि P₹ों §ी P˙ख्4ा §4V §` PP4 §ास्तन§§ 5§श्4§ता §` 5Pा₹ P₹ Pर₹§र्थतत §ी Nा P§तt \` ।

Applications that are not in the prescribed form, incomplete, illegible, without complete enclosures or received after due date or are not meeting the criteria indicated above will be summarily rejected without assigning any reason whatsoever. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained. Candidates may be debarred at any stage of the selection process, if it is found that they do not fulfill the prescribed eligibility criteria. Mere short- listing/attendance in the written test/interview does not entitle them to any claim for the post. Canvassing in any form at any stage will result in disqualification. Only Indian nationals need apply. It may be noted that the number of post mentioned above are subject to change depending on the actual requirement at the time of selection. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ffभ्4र्थि4ों  §ी  §P  P`  §P  ]§  §`P  \-P`ल  5\t  \PVt  5§श्4§  \`  NP  द§  5§`₹V  Pत्र  Pें  ₹Nा  §ी  Nा]Vt  । नलनBत P₹tक्षा/Pाक्षात्§ा₹ P` P˙B˙नPत P¸§Vा ₹t V\ \-P`ल 5\ t P₹ ff`Nt Nा]Vt । ffभ्4िी   §P ff`Nt V\ \ P`ल Bान्P \PV` P₹ Bt\]ल नNम्P`₹ा₹ V\ीं \PVt । ध्4ाV ₹\` द§ \ाि P` द₹4` V] 5§`₹V स्§t§ा₹ V\ीं द§]

Nा]V`  ।  Pfft  ffff4र्थि4ों  P`  ffV¸₹PP  \`  द§  Pfft  ffद्यतV  Ł₹  न§श्वPVt4  P¸§Vा  §`  नल]  \Pा₹t  §`§Pा\‘ §P Nा§त`  ₹\ें।

Candidates are required to possess at least one valid e-mail id which is to be entered in the application form. Information pertaining to the written test/interview will be sent only by e-mail to the id that is furnished by the candidate. BEL will not be responsible for bouncing of any e-mail sent to the candidate. Please note applications by hand will NOT be accepted. All candidates are requested to keep checking our website for all updates and authentic information. BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

§ªB`  र‘प्Pर्t/ SPECIAL NOTE:

§˛ P4ा Pन¸ Vनित §₹ें द§ 5P \Pा₹` न§ज्ञाPV Pें ffVB

˙ Pत PPस्त Pात्रता PाV₹


4Pग्4, ffVff

§, §Vा,

प्रPर् Pत्र  5द₹ ) P¸र्ा §₹त` \ैं । 4द₹ 5P P₹ §`  नल] न§ज्ञाPV Pें ₹ªा4

` V] Pात्रता PाV₹

§P P¸र्ा §₹V` P For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ffPÆ \` \ैं तP 5P§ी ffभ्4र्थि §P Vस् § 4 N]V § 5P§P Pक्षत्§ Pें Pनस्ित \PV` §ी


 V\ीं  ₹t  Nा]Vt  ।  \P  PBP

Pें  प्रBP

V  §ा  नVर्4

ff˙ तP  \PVा  ।  5§`₹V  ªल्

§  §ानPP  V\ीं  द§4ा

N]V ffभ्4ि 5§

V ªल् For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

§ NP §V` P` P\ल` ध्4ाVP§§

Pfft नV₹ª

ों Ł Pत्र PV₹

ों §P B

ें ।”]§

B ffV

V §4 V4ा ªल्

§ द§Pt fft PाPल/` \ालत Pें §ानPP V\ीं द§4ा Nा]Vा । For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

Please further ensure that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria (like age, qualification, experience, category certificate, etc.) as stipulated in our advertisement. If you fail to meet any of the eligibility criteria as stated in the advertisement for the post, your candidature will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to appear for the interview. The decision of the management in this regard would be final. Application fee is non-refundable. Candidates must go through all instructions and eligibility criteria carefully before remitting Application Fee. FEE once paid will not be refunded in any case/circumstance. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

4 5P§P §ज्ञPV PBन्P §Pt स्Pष्टt§र् §  5§श्4§ता \` तP §˛ P4ा P P


ें । §˛ P4ा ध्4ाV ₹ें द§ ‘`लtÆPV §Eल,  Pल

,  ª` क्ट्P \त्4ाद₹ द§Pt fft प्र§ा₹ §ा P§

स्§t§ V\ीं §4

Nा]Vा । For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

In case you require any clarifications regarding the advertisement please send an e-mail to Please note that no other form of communication will be entertained including telephone calls, conventional mail, fax etc. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

ffा₹त  \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P  ]§  PPाV  ff§P₹  प्र₹ाV  §₹V`  §ाला  नV4Pिा  \`  NP  द§  4Pग्4  P`ª`§₹ों  §`  5§`₹Vों  §ा स्§ाVत §₹ता \` । प्रलV,P˙ि ]§˙ Pस्§˛ नत Ł₹ Nानत §` 5Pा₹ P₹ §P\ ff`₹ffा§ V\ीं द§4ा Nाता ।

Bharat Electronics is an equal opportunity employer which welcomes applications from qualified professionals. No discrimination is made on the basis of gender, creed and culture.

\P 4PBर्ा P` ffा₹त \ल`क्ट्रEनVक्ट्P ]§ 4ा ]§ P` ffनP§ ffभ्4र्थि4ों §ा §4V §₹V` §ा ffनP§ा₹ P¸₹नक्षत ₹Bता

\` ।

Bharat Electronics reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this announcement. For BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

If you want to know anything regarding this job post let us know in the comment section Alternatively, you can directly contact us through contact us  for this BEL Recruitment for Project Engineer

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It is owned by the Indian Government and primarily manufactures advanced electronic products for the Indian Armed Forces. BEL is one of nine PSUs under the Ministry of Defence of India. It has been granted Navratna status by the Government of India.

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